With all the technological advancements of the last 70 years, we’d be right to expect accelerated productivity.

The reality is not only has productivity not increased, it has slowed down.

It makes no sense in a world where any teenager with a smartphone has access to more information that the President of the US had before 1995.

We live in a world where the travel of information to millions is not only possible, it is done in milliseconds

So why are we not seeing massive productivity leaps?

Well, it’s not technology, it’s not industry, it’s our brains.

See, our brains…

Last week I watched Wonder Women, one of my favorite movies

The best part?

Steve shows her his clock and she laughs, asking him, so “you let that thing tell you what to do?”

See, Wonder Woman knows the truth.

> > Your brain is your number one time tool.

Not your calendar, alarm clock, phone, fancy planners or phone apps.

Snooze, delete, throw out… These can all be overcome with ease

They’re no match for your super smart brain.

That’s why you still:

1. Have a drawer of unused planners
2. Hit snooze on your alarm 3x
3. …

Someone once asked me if Life Coaching was a cult.

Several clients first came to me with this skepticism.

So I wanted to address it for you.

According to Google, a cult can be defined as something popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

So, yes, based on that definition, it is a cult.

Popular among go-getters; ambitious people that want MORE.

More than numbing disappointment with wine or cookies; more than complaining and comparing the days away; more than accepting what is, instead of going after what can be.

I spent years doing all three……

1. We haven’t been taught to hire a coach.

Or invest in ourselves

Unless we NEED desperate help

2. We are doing OK by ourselves, and OK is enough

We should be able to fix ourselves

Even though we see the value of hiring a coach for our bodies

3. We don’t know what coaching is, and if it will help us

The unknown is scary, our brain wants to avoid it

Even if that means staying stuck

4. There are short term temporary fixes that are easier

Netflix, scrolling online, online shopping, travel to escape, alcohol, food…

Knowing they don’t really help

5. We are afraid we’re the special ones

With something seriously wrong with us

The ones that this won’t work for

So we keep quiet, and keep in our brain, believing this more and more with every day that goes by

6. People will judge us

Even though they are too busy thinking…

Today I am celebrating.

Over 27,000 unique downloads of my podcast, F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done (bit.ly/fckanxietypodcast)

Zero marketing spend.

I picture standing in front of thousands of people.

Teaching them about anxiety, stress management and how to stop procrastinating.

It is wild.

I remember recording my very first episode.

It is the only episode I re-recorded (twice).

I just wanted to help people.

I had read so much dis-empowering misinformation online.

I had become an expert in these areas through learning, personal experience and training.

Mainly I learned by FAILING and moving forward to try again.

Everyone is busy.

Too busy.

We live in a culture that associates busyness with success.⁠

I have often heard the saying, “I get more done when I am busy.”

Is that really true?

Here is what I have heard.

You are too busy to make time for yourself.⁠

You are too busy to find a solution to your problems.⁠

You are too busy to eat well.⁠

You are too busy to workout.⁠

You are too busy to drink water.⁠

You are too busy to go to the toilet. …


I am confident in social settings.

I love meeting new people.

I host weekly networking events and have helped thousands of people meet at over 400 events in the last two years.

And yet yesterday, preparing to go to a large expo event, it hit me.

Social Anxiety.

Click here to listen

For some of you reading this, it will happen when you are meeting someone one on one, perhaps a date or a job interview.

For others, the thought of a group interview is far worse, or meeting your partners family, or your colleagues birthday event.

No matter the…

Happy is an emotion.

Emotions come from our thoughts.

If you are looking outside of yourselves for happiness you may find it at first. A short burst of it, anyway.

But it never lasts.

A piece of cake. A glass of wine. A vacation to a tropical island.

If you keep looking for these things to make you happy you may end up gaining weight, hungover and broke!

Since the joy from them is so short lived, typically only when you are EATING, DRINKING or on VACATION.

We cannot have infinite cake, wine and vacations and … even if you could, the joy from…

Going to large networking events, walking into the room, not sure who anyone is, getting trapped in a conversation with someone trying to sell you something you are not looking for and being unsure who to approach.

Let me tell you the problem with large events.

I call it business card roulette.

You walk into the room and throw around cards like everyone else hoping to land on the winning contact.

It is a game of luck, not strategy.

A game of luck

It isn’t an environment that fosters creating authentic dialogue around how you can help each other, ways you can collaborate or…

Three years ago we applied to host an event through an existing platform to meet new people in real life.

The platform was offering a way for people to dine with locals. Or, that is what is said. Meals were > $100 and mainly international cuisine.

We submitted an event for a simple local brunch, costing $20 and offering a unique opportunity to dine in a private garden in a historic location.

We were rejected.

We were not chefs. After looking around, we saw this too often. This is why we created SipScene. …

Vikki Coaching

Anxiety Coach, Host of the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done Podcast http://bit.ly/fckanxietypodcast

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